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LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential kit used by First LEGO® League competition for students ages 4-16
Mom's Guide to Robotics is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with a mission to help inform both parents, coaches and students of different type of robotics and STEAM programs, both competitive and non-competitive.

As a parent, it is difficult to keep up with this ever changing world of technology. We want to help bridge that gap and connect you and your child with the right robotics environment that they will thrive and enjoy!

Every child should be exposed to basic coding and robotics. We can not rely on our schools and teachers alone. We know they have limited resources, both in time and budget. Together we can make this happen.

How? Volunteer your time, start with your own kids and their friends. Become a facilitator!

Mom's Guide to Robotics is proud to sponsor a South Lake County FIRST Robotics Competition team: Team 8057 - All Wired Up and a FIRST LEGO League Challenge team: Team 60285 - A Little Wired! Providing another taste of robotics.
VEX IQ robotics kit used by REC Foundation VEX IQ Challenge competition for students ages 9-14 
SeaPerch robotics kit used for the SeaPerch Challenge managed by RoboNation for students ages 11-18
FIRST Robotics Competition is for students in Middle and High School.
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