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VEX IQ (product) from VEX Robotics


VEX Robotics is the company behind the different VEX Robotics kits and products.

There are different levels based on the age of the students:

  • VEX IQ is recommended for students ages 9-14

  • VEX EDR is recommended for students ages 11-18

  • VEXpro manufactures pieces for First Robotics Competition FRC and First Tech Challenge FTC

VEX kits can be used in a non-competitive environment, following a curriculum in the classroom or after school program or just having fun at home, and a competitive environment.  VEX IQ is used in the VEX IQ Challenge and VEX EDR is used in VEX Robotics Competition or VRC.

VEX IQ Challenge and VRC are managed through the nonprofit organization Robotics Education & Competition Foundation or REC Foundation. 


The VEX Robotics company launched the Girl Powered initiative and website in cooperation with the REC Foundation. 


Our organization's main focus is kids between 9 and 15. Right now, most our experience is with VEX IQ. Every year, the REC Foundation reveals a new challenge at VEX Worlds for the next season.

The game from 2018-2019 was called Next Level.

viqc color v.png

"Building your robot is very rewarding" 


Every year, VEX Robotics provides instructions for a robot you can build with the basic kit to complete the challenge. In the video from 2019 it showcases Stretch. This year for Squared Away, the robot is called Clutch.

If you like to register for a competition, you need to create an account on:

You will need to pay $150 every year for the first letter for your team number, example 2018A and $100 for every additional letter/team. 

You can participate in as many competitions as you like by registering and paying online. $5 of every registration fee goes to to maintain the website. 

You need to be invited to the State Championship and the World Championship. 

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