Expose kids and parents to robotics and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) programs in an inclusive and diverse environment with or without exposure to competition. 


Help parents and teachers build confidence to become robotics facilitators for their kid(s)/students, by offering workshops/boot camps, and training for key volunteer roles at the local library. Competitive robotics requires both trained referees and judges to create a rewarding experience. 

Training the key volunteers before a competition helps create a positive experience for everyone involved.  By providing hands on activities related to:

  • building a robot

  • programming a robot

  • game strategy, challenge definition

  • optimization of score, resources and time

  • explanation of rules

  • award criteria


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The author is not liable for any misinformation. All the links are provided to the different organizations/websites. This is shared information from one volunteer to another. 

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