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"The only true failure can come if you quit" Circuit Girls 66954A

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Sierra, Charlene, Elaine and Claire are the Circuit Girls, a Girl Powered VEX IQ Elementary school Robotics Team from Oviedo, Florida. What makes them stand out? Grit! They wear it on their shirt. My own motto is based on Kaizen, continuous improvement from everyone involved. You don't have to be an expert in everything, by listening and working together you can make things better. You can make life easier. You just don't quit, look at it from a different perspective, chop it up in smaller bitesize problems. You solve things one step at a time, but you never give up. You don't expect this from 10 year old girls.

They were Florida State Team Challenge Champions last year, and they repeated it this year. They also received the most prestigious award in the VEX IQ challenge, the Excellence Award.

The girls attend different elementary schools, they are coached by their parents. They pay for all their registration fees and equipment out of pocket. Other teams are able to raise funds through their school. They are not able to do that. Most companies will not sponsor or donate to a home-based team.

This is where Mom's Guide to Robotics wants to help. When kids are motivated to convince their parents to invest in a robotics kit, a field and a game and they have to figure out everything on their own, there should be a way to help them out.

I ordered some gadgets, and I will be selling them to try to help pay the $975 registration fee to go to VEX World Championship. I am also trying to find sponsors through facebook and by visiting local businesses. Who does not want to support girls in STEM? The Circuit Girls are not just any girls, these are true champions with grit!

If you want to help, send me an email at with your logo. Here are the different support levels. Together we can do this! And I don't quit either.

Bronze level: $25 Signed picture from Worlds holding your logo to share on social media.

Silver level: $100 Your logo on Circuit Girls flag carried during the Parade of Nations and displayed in the pit and Bronze level.

Gold level: $250 Your logo on Circuit Girls VEX World Championship competition shirt and Silver level.

Diamond level: $500 Your logo on the gadget exchanged with the teams in the booth and Gold level!

Tax deductible through Mom's Guide to Robotics a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our facebook fundraiser for a total of $1,302 beating our goal of $975 for registration fee. Amazing!

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