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Workshop 2

Part 1: Learn everything about this season's game VIQC Squared Away and the role of the Head Referee/Scorekeeper Referee

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Click on the image to download the VIQC Hub App.

This App provides several tools: a timer with the competition sounds, a score calculator, and the game manual for this season's game. 

It is important for every member of a program to understand the role of the referee. There are Scorekeeper referees and Head referees. These videos help team members understand why there are referees, and what the expectations are. Every coach should watch these with the team(s), or assign them as homework to team members. I advice any adults, who accompany a team member to a competition, to watch the series. 

The head referee and/or scorekeeper referee is a VOLUNTEER!


Please check the different resources available in the referee guide. The Scorekeeper Referee will notify the Head Referee if there is an anomaly. The Head Referee documents if a scorekeeper referee has "warned, disqualified or disabled" a team/robot. The Head Referee will explain to the team why there was an anomaly. The Official Q&A is an extension of the game manual. Please read the use guidelines before posting a question. 

Most of the events will use a tablet or mobile device to record scores. Paper score sheets can be used as a backup. Click here to view it. Please make sure all drivers in your team know how to fill out the score sheet or how to read it. 

At Championships a referee needs to be certified. The Certification Course goes over the Game Manual in detail and provides examples of questions. In Florida, there will be 2 Regional Championships. The referee upholds the Code of Conduct and confirms that teams are student-centered. Certain awards at the Regional Championship will invite teams to VEX World Championship.


Referees have a direct impact on the Performance of a team and their robot, and an indirect impact on judged awards. A referee can provide a note to the Event Partner or Judge Advisor that impacts Judged Awards.  A Note from the Field form can be provided by the Judge Advisor or Event Partner.

REC Foundation has a clear student-centered policy.

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Part 2: VIQC Squared Away Referee Certification Course (2 credits after you email the certificate)

Click on the image below to take the course. It will take 1 hour 45 min to go through the course, before taking the exam. The course provides several examples of practical situations, that might happen at a practice or competition. The vertical projection of a cube will be demonstrated in workshop 2 by using a flash light.

In order to get the next 8 credits, referee at a qualified VEX IQ competition in Lake County Florida. The Event Partner is a Lake County Schools teacher. This program will help support the Lake Count Schools teachers and prepare for the Championship. Last year more than 30 teams from Lake County Schools participated at the Regional State Championship, and 4 participated at the World Championship.

You can find all qualified VEX IQ competitions on Please feel free to email or the event partner published on the website.

Certifications for VEX can be found at

Referee Certification link image.jpg
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