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Why start with VEX IQ or VIQC?

It is a start. Looking to use personal experience to provide the biggest impact on our community. Learning more about other programs and sharing as much information as possible. The need for facilitators and trained volunteers was the highest in VIQC.

VIQC FL 2013 2019.png

This information is based on public info by using the map search by season for teams past. 

VEX Florida 2019.png

Importance of grants and the impact of certain conditions on the future of teams: sustainability challenge

Miami-Dade case study.You can find more VEX grants here. There are specific grants for FIRST Robotics competition. Click here for more info. FIRST provides information related to team grants here.  

Lake County Schools Competitive Robotics

LCS 2019 Robotics.png

Clyde Grant, robotics coach/teacher at Mount Dora Middle School,  received a $5,000 grant from Toshiba to start underwater robotics with SeaPerch. Clyde had 2 teams compete at ERAU in Daytona Beach on April 13th, 2018 for the first time.

South Lake County Schools Competitive Robotics

SLC 2019 Robotics.png


The largest impact is VIQC with currently 30 registered teams in South Lake County Schools, impacting 120 students. There are several official competitions in South Lake County. These are published on and are free and open to the public. 

There are 4 FLL teams impacting up to 40 students in South Lake County Schools. There are currently 12 registered team in Lake County Florida including home based teams and private schools. 


There are no competitions in Lake County Florida for FIRST, not for FLL and not for FRC.

FLL and VIQC reuse robot kit. Rookie year is about $1,400 and $700 to continue. This does not include any travel or transportation and does not include registration for World Championship. This assumes 2 competitions and a regional or state championship. 

Requires a field/table (reusable) and a game kit (new every year). 

FLL uses a wooden table 4ft by 8ft.

VIQC field is tiles that click togther. It is 4ft by 8ft, but will change to 6ft by 8ft next season.

Rookie cost for FRC is $15,000. Average existing team budget is $50,000 can't reuse robot.

Field is 26 ft 7 in by 54 ft 1 in. Most teams don't have a field to practice on. 

Rookie cost for VRC $5,000, can reuse robot.

VRC field is 8ft by 8ft. Most teams have a field in the classroom.

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